How to Arrange Funerals with the Aid of Funeral Homes

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GentrygriffeyGentry Griffey is one of the best funeral homes in Tennessee. We offer various services, from securing the death certificate, writing obituaries, selling caskets and urns, arranging flowers, to helping in the filing of benefits. We know that the process of arranging a funeral is a tedious one, so we will try to make things easier for you.

Here is a quick guide to funeral arrangement –

The first step is to find a good funeral provider or director. Some states in the US require arrangements with funeral homes before allowing burials. Aside from being required, however, funeral homes will save you a lot of trouble, such as taking care of paperwork and permits, finding a cemetery, and preparing the body for burial. There are, of course, factors to consider when choosing a funeral home – location, price, and reputation.

Gentry Griffey offers affordable packages –

With a full funeral service costing only as much as $4995. This includes the costs of the funeral director, embalming, ceremony, removal of remains, and use of the hearse. This package can be further customized upon discussion with the director.

The next step is to give the funeral director the details of the deceased to help them put together the documents and permits necessary for the funeral. Commonly, the full name, place and date of birth, place and date of death, and next of kin of the deceased are necessary details. Your name, number, and relationship with the deceased are essential as well. Other preferences, such as the date of the funeral and burial will also be discussed. If these are sensitive topics, please know that you are only arranging for the final resting place of your loved one. We are here to help you.

The third step is planning the funeral itself –

Check out the deceased’s will to see if he left any instructions for his own funeral. If not, you can ask his closest family members. It’s up to you. The three kinds of funeral are the traditional funeral, direct burial funeral, and direct cremation. The traditional funeral is made up of the wake or the visitation stage, the funeral service with a priest, the carrying in the hearse, and finally, the burial. It can also be ended in cremation.


The second kind is the direct burial, in which there is no wake or visitation, and therefore no embalmment. The body is placed in a coffin and buried; a memorial service may be performed before this. The last kind is known as direct cremation. The body is cremated without the visitation and embalmment. The deceased’s loved ones may stay in a designated room in the crematory while the cremation proceeds. After which, the deceased’s ashes are placed in an urn to be scattered, buried, or entombed later on.

The next step is to pay for the service –

Costs vary depending on how you buried the deceased. As mentioned earlier, Gentry Griffey offers a full funeral service package for only $4995. However, this does not include the cost of a casket, which, in average, is around $2000. Better caskets, however, may cost up to $10,000. In case you are short of funds, Gentry Griffey offers financial assistance. We are here to provide services for anyone in need.

The fifth step is procuring the death certificate. After all the funeral ceremonies are observed, one may claim the death certificate, which plays a vital role in the settlement of his estate. This is needed to settle any last claims on his properties, such as any loans he may have had when he was alive. Only after that may the heirs claim their inheritance. This can be a long legal process that heavily involves the death certificate.

Details that will definitely be in the certificate are the deceased’s name, civil status, date, cause, and location of death, social security number, and parents’ names. A certificate may be requested from the Bureau of Vital Records – usually in the state where the deceased died.

The next step is announcing the death in an obituary –

Usually, these are printed in newspapers. These may also be announced over the radio. Aside from being a good way to honor the deceased, some laws require that deaths be announced over the newspaper before the settlement of his estate.

After this are all the preparations for the funeral, such as inviting the deceased’s family and friends to the funeral, selecting flowers to be displayed near the casket, and deciding on the color to wear for the funeral. Traditionally, black is worn, but some cultures believe wearing white is more appropriate.


Remember, funeral homes are here to make everything easier. They have pre-arranged plans and packages in place for you. Rather than adding to your costs, funeral homes may sometimes be the cheaper option, rather than buying and planning everything yourself. So the next time you have to, consider hiring a funeral director.

If you want one of the best funeral home, so we at offers affordable packages with a full funeral service.

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