Things to Consider When Choosing Among Keynote Speakers

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Most organizations look for keynote speakers who would give a fresh standpoint. Their goal is to encourage their members to recharge and have a sense of teamwork. You could find a speaker for all kinds of industry such as business management, health, information technology, sales, etc.

A keynote speaker tends to be experts in the field that they are presenting. They give presentations that are intended to motivate people to view various situations in a different light. Moreover, they offer different ways of boosting productivity and profitability. The purpose of a presentation is to rouse creativity and new thoughts.

Before hiring a speaker, you need to make sure that the meeting would match with the needs and values of the organization. Here is a list that would give you a rough idea about the things you need to be familiar with before getting a keynote speaker:


1.     Reason for hiring a speaker :

some of the reasons why different companies organize a speaking event include to educate, motivate, change undesirable behaviour, promote a product or service, entertain, and so much more.

2.     The type of presentation you want the speaker to deliver :

there are several forms of presentation and two of them are holding a workshop and addressing an audience. You should have an idea of the things you want your audience to learn from the presentation. You will likely not succeed if you do not touch into the certain concerns and issues of your audience. Keynote speakers must have experience, and knowledge of the certain organization or industry. A good speaker would welcome ideas and questions, as well as ask for feedback from the audience. Certainly, you want your audience to be engaged. A morning speech, for example, is generally more energizing.

3.     Discuss your organization and audience :

before the event, meet with the speaker and explain what you want to accomplish from the presentation. Give information about the number of people who will be present, introduction of the speaker, venue, etc. Make sure that you inform your speaker about your expectations in the presentation. Find out if they adhere to a guideline or philosophy that combines professionalism and entertainment.

4.    Tools that may be used :

keynote speakers may need any tool such as power point presentation or overhead projectors. If the speaker will spend too much time using these kinds of tools, the audience might get bored and ignore the presentation. It is more beneficial to have a balance between communicating directly to the audience and using presentation tools.

5.     Relevant information :

make sure that the presentation contains current information because old information is useless. Also, the speaker should not sound like a salesperson. Excellent speaker has evidence of their expertise; it may be in the form TV or radio guesting, book, CDs or audiotapes, and articles in magazines, newspaper columns, and business journals.

6.     References :

checking out references is a great way to determine if a speaker is good.

7.     Speakers from previous presentations :

consider the speakers who were successful from the ones you have hired before. Find out what the audience liked about the speech and a certain speaker.

8.     Needs of the Audience :

make sure that the speaker draws the interest of the audience. For example, consider traits like gender and age. If the audience only consists of women, that may connect better with a female speaker.

9.     Feedback :

ask for feedback after the presentation to find out if the meeting is successful. This allows you to improve future talks. Discuss with the speaker to determine if there are necessary improvements.

Keynote speakers can be an advantage to an organization. If you ask the right questions and convey your ideas, it will lead to an informative, entertaining, and unforgettable event.

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